Floor Underlay

The Aerofoam® Floor Underlay is an acoustic insulation solution for many different application fields that yields a more comfortable environment.




Material:         chemically cross linked polyethylene
Density:          25 kg/m³
Thickness:      3 mm / 5 mm / 8 mm
Width:            1.2 m
Length:          1 m / 2 m
Color:             grey / black


  • For use under any floor


  • Reduces the sound transmission level to the lower floors
  • Durability – cross linked feature makes it water and moisture resistant
  • Chemical resistance – resistant to most chemicals and acids
  • Excellent weatherability


  • No health hazard: non-toxic, non-allergenic, mould resistant and recyclable
  • Light and easy to handle / install
  • Robust and easy to transport

For more information please download the Aerofoam® Floor Underlay sound insulation catalogue here.

Aerofoam Insulation

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