Roof Insulation

Aerofoam® Roof Insulation is a heat insulation material with a built-in water vapor barrier and thermal break.  The product’s highly reflective foil prevents conductivity between indoor and outdoor environments.


aerofoam_roof_insulation_picMaterial:      Chemically cross linked polyethylene foam laminated with alupet foil on one or both sides
Density:       25 kg/m³
Thickness:    6 mm to 8 mm
Width:          1.2 m
Length:        20 m
Color:           grey / black / peach



  • Roofs – Roofs: steel framed residential and commercial constructions such as hangars and warehousesaerofoam_roof_insulation_2
  • Roofs – Non-steel framed applications including timber framed roofs
  • Walls – stud frame and warehouse metal clad walls



  • Durability – cross linked feature renders product water and moisture resistant
  • Chemical resistance – resistant to most chemicals and acids
  • Excellent weatherability


  • Thermal bridging reduction between building elements
  • Non toxic, non irritant, requiring no gloves or special handling equipment
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Economical and easy to install


For additional information please download the Aerofoam® Roof Insulation material catalogue  here.

Aerofoam Insulation

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