Aerofoam® Sealings and Gaskets

Aerofoam® Sealings and Gaskets offer a unique combination of mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties, which make them an ideal replacement for traditional sealing gasket foams such as EPDM rubber, polyurethane and PVC.



Material:       chemically cross linked polyethylene foam
Density:        25 kg/m³
Thickness:     3 – 50 mm
Size:             according to sketch
Color:           grey / black / white


  • Automotive industry
  • HVAC, plumbing industry
  • Oil & Gas industry


  • Light weight – up to 84% lighter than PVC foam.
  • Dimensionally stable shape – impact resistant
  • No fibers, non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, and odorless
  • Wide working temperature (-80°C up to 105°C).
  • Excellent thermoplastic properties, particularly vacuum and press-forming
  • Fire rated: Class 0 and low smoke propagation
  • Very good thermal properties


  • High life-time expectancy
  • Inertness against most chemicals including fuels, oils, brake fluids and cooling liquids
  • Good cushioning characteristics
  • Ecologically and chemically neutral
  • Safe disposal by dumping or incineration in the event of recycling not being possible
  • Excellent weathering resistance

For more information please download the Aerofoam® Sealings and Gaskets catalogue here.

Aerofoam Insulation

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