Have you ever imagined walking on water? It’s not magic anymore! Discover the impossible with our AeroFun water mats and experience a whole lot of fun activities including walking on water, running or even jumping! Our mats are designed to add a fun element as you relax and luxuriate with your near and dear ones.

Ideal for resorts, hotels and various commercial settings, AeroFun provides a complete range of water sports and leisure products, designed keeping in mind no-hassle weekends with utmost convenience. Splash into summer with your family and friends with AeroFun water mats. Made of high-quality closed cell foam, safe to use & easy to handle. The product is suitable to use for kids above the age of 3, under adult supervision. Waste no time & opt for our AeroFun water mats.

For more information, please download the Aerofun Water Mats catalogue below.


  • Fun Mat for complete family and group
  • Made from high quality polyolefin foam
  • Can be easily rolled and stored
  • Antislip embossed surface
  • Also available with grommet and bungee
  • 5.5 m long, 1.2 m wide and 30/50 mm Thick
  • Available in blue & red combination.

(Customizable in all basic colors)


  • Fitness partner in water
  • Foam core of high quality closed cell PE foam
  • Covered with antislip PVC leather cloth
  • With carbiner fitting
  • 2.15 m long, 0.915 m wide and 80 mm thick
  • Available in Blue & orange color.

(customizable in all basic colors)


  • Fun Mat for Kids with extra comfort
  • Made from high quality closed cell PE foam
  • Press fit guiding tubes for tight fitting
  • 2.5 m long, 1.2 m wide and 30 mm thick
  • Available in all basic colors.