Batters and breadings are in most areas of food processing crucial, especially in Indian foods. Don’t you agree? The most effective approach to maintain relatively cool temperatures is to use thermal insulation. Its technical definition is the reduction of heat energy transmission between adjacent places.

Anbudai Traditional Food Products are FMCG manufacturers with a small food processing unit located in Tamil Nadu, India. With a history of delivering a spectrum of South Indian delicacies to consumers, they have steadily built a product portfolio. They are specialized in making batter for Indian traditional food products in the processing unit situated on the terrace of their residential premise. Their requirements for the project mainly included a solution that would be efficient in maintaining the temperature of the processing space to ensure that the batter doesn’t get spoilt too quickly. Good insulation value without compromising on moisture resistance, lowering energy consumption and prolongating the time to ensure high food quality is exactly what Aerofoam® promised them.

The Anbudai Traditional Food Products processing unit was a complex application. As a food processing unit, they must comply with strict sanitation regulations. That means many areas of the facility are subject to hot water, detergents, acids, and alkali wash downs on a regular basis. It is crucial to abide by the HACCP guidelines as it prioritizes and controls potential hazards in food production. Aerofoam® thermal insulation solutions comply with HACCP. For food-processing systems, it is essential to ensure that insulation material is chemically stable, neutral, and non-reactive with lowest possible VOC emission. Also, as the primary requirement we had to keep in mind the temperature of the environment. In such an atmosphere, one of the criteria that needs to be abided by includes life span of the material.

Product Selection Phase

To ensure that we provide Anbudai Traditional Food Products a long-lasting thermal insulation solution for their food processing unit, we suggested the installation of Aerofoam® XLPE Polyolefin thermal insulation. Aerofoam® XLPE are long-lasting closed cell thermal insulators with very low thermal conductivity. The closed cell cross-linked polyolefin insulation foam structure controls condensation and has high thermal efficiency.

Mission Accomplished!

As deemed fit for this application, we went ahead with the installation of Aerofoam® XLPE. Following the completion of the project, Aerofoam® resolved the challenges and achieved positive outcomes.

As highlighted by the Client, “We are into making batter for Indian traditional food products where temperature of the environment is very important. We have seen a considerable reduction of temperature in the shed. I am immensely happy to inform your team that the application of your foam insulation in our small factory was very helpful.”

In a project similar to this, there are various selection factors to consider. For a client who wishes to see uninterrupted process efficiency and temperature regulation, cost effectiveness and product lifespan are significant system design factors. As vital as material selection is, fixing detail and quality are also crucial. A client can see not only a financial ROI, but also a bonus in the system’s dependability, when a well-designed and installed solution is in place.

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