In the railway and automotive industry, lowering the weight of an average vehicle is a challenge. Aerofoam® can supply the foam that lowers the overall weight of the vehicle and helps in reducing fuel consumption. Moreover, it is chemically neutral, which helps in preventing corrosion and stays hygienic. Aerofoam® automotive foams can be used in different applications like acoustic and thermal insulation, and in some cases as water seal. It also complies with the fire safety regulations for railway and automotive industries which assures the highest safety of passengers in case of fire.

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AeroSound® acoustic solutions can be useful as a provider of customized solutions to improve acoustic comfort in trains and other types of mass transportation. It is often used with equipment as thermal and acoustic solution for compressors, fans, engines, pumps, and AC units.

Technical foams can be custom made and are available in different structures, colors, densities and mechanical features. Therefore, it is the most effective solution for mass transportation, special utility, medical, military, off-road vehicles and lots more.

Insulation Foam Solution for Railway and Automotive Industry