Aerofoam® Horse Mats

Aerofoam® Horse Mats are constructed from closed cell polyethylene foam panels.  The polyethylene mats are suitable for all stall types and ensure a very comfortable and stable environment for horses when moving.



Material:              chemically cross linked polyethylene
Density:               25 kg/m³ (foam core only)
Thickness:           40 mm
Width:                 1230 mm
Length:               1800 mm
Color:                  grey / black



  • PVC free material: non-toxic, non-allergen, mould resistant  and environmental friendly
  • Excellent thermal performance even when completely covered by manure
  • No need for disinfecting
  • Light weight – easy installing and handling

Note: use of Aerofoam® Horse Mats does not exempt purchasers from adhering to current hygiene and veterinary rules

For more information please download the catalogue here.

Aerofoam Insulation

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